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Book ” La Arquitectura del vacío” – Editorial Gustavo Gili, S.A – Spain

In his 30 years of professional practise, Melvin Villarroel Roldán, has settled down as a prestigious architect and as a defender of the environment, not only in Spain, but internationally. In his integral design he combines with success the sophistication and the rationality of technology and the architectural designs of the twenty first century, with the vernacular tradition of the place in which the project is being built, principally where he resides and works -Marbella, Andalucía- in the south of Spain. This region of the Mediterranean is one of the biggest cultural centerpoint of Europe, Africa and the Middle East, where the life in the “void” is mosltly; this void space during centuries has been occupied, lived and enjoyed. THE ARCHITECTURE OF THE VACIO is his first book where many of Melvin Villarroel´s projects are shown, in which he explains the basic concepts of his architecture, like the integration of this “void space” in architecture, the structuring of this vacío as a continuum, the theory of the void spaces. Due to the profound indulgence that exerts an architectonic project on the users living and working in it, Villarroel is convinced that architecture may reflect a social conscience, cultural, historic of total and radical beauty, simplicity and relation with the natural elements. Villarroel´s architecture contains the essentials ingredients of an architecture that returns to its origins. Never forgetting that “man belongs to the earth, and not the earth to man”, being this our biggest responsibility towards the future of the species.