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2004 Fair Lake

In 2004 this project receives from the Shanghai Exploration and Design Trade Association a “First prize of the 2004 Shanghai outstanding residential design proyect award”.

2004 School of Architects Award

Personal Award to Mr. Melvin Villarroel "The Official School of Architects of Málaga", gives the "Badge to 50 and 25 years of professional practise to collegiate resident architects".

2003 Townhall of Marbella Award

Personal Award to Mr. Melvin Villarroel "The Townhall of Marbella", gives the "Golden Medal" Award to his "Architectural Design".

2002 Sierra Blanca

Trophy to the "Professional attitude to Mr. Melvin Villarroel" Prize to Mr Melvin Villarroel as Architect.

2002 Urb. Menara

"Armony between Architecture and Gardening" Award granted by the "Patronato Botánico Municipal del Excmo. Ayuntamiento de Málaga", in the competition of Gardens and Towns of the "Costa del Sol". Gardening Club of the Costa del Sol.

1999 Kempinski Resort Hotel

"Hotel with the Best New Garden" Award to the project for its Gardens.

1999 Kempinski Resort Hotel

"Best Holiday Hotel of the year" Granted by the journal "Gran Hotel" (Award to the project)

1995 Marina Puente Romano

"Best Residential Development" Granted by International Property Magazine Awards (Of all the developments on Marbella´s Golden Mile, only one is 24 caract.) (Award to the project)

1995 Arco de Marbella Award

1.995 Award to Mr. Melvin Villarroel M.I. Ayuntamiento de Marbella, certify that Mr. Melvin Villarroel has been awarded with the honorific prize "Arco de Marbella" for being beneficent of Marbella and promoter of wealth and social welfare for the tourism world capital.

1994 Marina Puente Romano

Golden Award, "International Prize to the Best Tourist-Residential Complex", granted by the Britannic journal "International Property Magazine".

1990 Alcazaba Beach

"First Prize of Gardening in Beauty and functional nature" (Award to the project)

1990 Hotel Puente Romano "First Prize to the Best Gardens of the Costa del Sol" (Award to the project)
1987 Alhambra del Mar

"First Prize to New Creation Gardens" (Award to the project)

1984 Hotel Marbella Club

"Best Luxury and Refined Hotel of the area" (Award to the project)

1984 La Alcazaba y Hotel Puente Romano

"Award to distinction in recognition to professional incentive to Mr. Melvin Villarroel, special prize for creativity and international services".

1982 La Alcazaba

First Gardening Award "Costa del Sol" (Award to the project)

1980 Marina del Este

"Best Sport Harbour on the coast "Costa-Granadina" Granted by the "Spanien Journal" (Award to the project)