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Urban Planning

  • Urban Planning
    Aganza Golf Resort - Morocco
  • Urban Planning
    Tortugas Lake Golf Club - Spain
  • Urban Planning
    Castillo de Ben-A-Havis - Spain
  • Urban Planning
    Marina de Ajhory - Spain
  • Urban Planning
    Cabo Regana Golf Residences - Spain

    At MELVIN VILLARROEL we try to reflect and emphasize the components that profoundly affect architecture. They are not only the natural components but also the social, cultural and historical ones. The natural components are studied through a series of precedents taken from the site itself, and then the documents and plans are prepared in the studio, to further explore and evaluate the potential of a site. In this process we consider all the natural components of the place, such as the amounts of sunlight, the topography of the land, the air, the vegetation and the water.